So I have been back at Uni for about 8 weeks now and although the workload is building up this year is about finding yourself as a creative which I am fully embracing! One of my modules is entitled ” embodying the word”. My project is entitled Peck, an exploration into the issues and negative side of poultry farming. The whole point of my project is to give chickens their peck back, an instinctive mode of survival that is often stripped away from them on poultry farms. I decided to explore the issue of poultry farming, after reading how some supermarkets use fake farm names on packs of chickens and I had also read about a woman who knits jumpers for recovered battery chickens, who due to the years of torture and mistreatment they receive are left with limited feathers so are sensitive to the cold. This is not ok. Chickens are extraordinary creatures and so how is it fair that they are abused and mistreated just for human benefit?

In my sketchbook I have become a chicken expert😂 exploring the bird in terms of health, wealth and structure. To show that they are more than pieces of meat and are a creature worthy of respect. What I am focusing on through the garment I am toiling at the minute is the fact that many chickens on poultry farms are de beaked in order to stop them pecking their companions an action stimulated by the stressful conditions of the farm, thus my garment will not feature beaks at all to emphasise this point. Instead I am being inspired by the fleshy structure on top of chickens heads, combs, that indicate their health and wellness. The curves of a chickens comb create the perfect structure and base for an architectural fashion piece.

I have also been experimenting with my strengths as a designer, such as working with digital print, I produced my own photoshopped mirrored and reflected print of a chickens face of which the structure of my garment will be made up of I loved the effect and vibrancy of my print and will definitely be including prints in my future work!

The University of Lincoln also has an excellent workshop called the maker lab of which I have been down to in order to create an aluminium necklace inspired by chicken combs. Here I experiment hammered into and explored different mediums to create a necklace to go with my final garment. I am excited to show you guys the final outcome in a few weeks time!

Thankyou Phoebe X


London’s calling…

With the Summer practically flying by, this week me and a friend who I met during my course decided to be all spontaneous and go on a ” research” trip to the hub of fashion and culture: London. Having been lured to the city by the V and A exhibition ” Fashioned from nature” we decided to make a mini break of this and go and see it for ourselves. At just £12 a ticket the exhibition really opened my eyes to the grand impact the fashion industry has on our ecosystem, and the impact this has on our planet. The exhibition explored and explained fabric and fibre properties and how their production, whether natural or synthetic takes it’s toll on the Earth.

Throughout the exhibition, potential solutions to the problems the industry brings to the planet were suggested, and described in detail, via the medium of technology, posters and garments. Here I was introduced to designers tackling environmental issues that accompany the industry, via the use of different and unique bio based mediums and materials, such as paper, recycled plastic bottles, fruit waste, spun glass, animal free leather, and even grass! Upcycling and handicraft within design has always been of interest to me however viewing the variation of creations really was awe inspiring! Fashion today is dominated by the ” Fast fashion” model, with constant streams of ever changing trends bombarding us, responding and delivering to huge public demands. This has had beneficial impacts on supply and production chains, with efficiency being at an all time high, however little thought or care is given to the environmet in the process. From the exhibition I learnt that the fashion industry has nature running through it’s veins, although the relationship between this and the environment is that of an unhealthy one.I am excited to explore ways to target and directly challenge this issue in the future, via my designs.

The exhibition not only opened my eyes to fabric properties, production and ethical impacts, but also gave me a chance to witness the inspiration behind well known designers pieces, giving the chance to gather research and ideas for my upcoming module within fashion design, as I tend to over think when it comes to generating concepts and always seem to have contrasting ideas which flood my mind in abundance. However seeing the work and ideas of designers come to life in 3D form really inspired me and broke down the complexity of design, as all the pieces were inspired by different elements of nature, here are a few of my fave pieces…

Alexander Mc Queen- A World of Water

This silk digitally printed design, held great significance to me, as I recently watched the fashion documentary ” Mc Queen” of which Alexander’s final collection “Plato’s Atlantis” featured, visualising a world of climate change. This dress formed part of Mc Queens final vison before his death, a couture response of which humans evolve to live underwater due to the Earth being submerged from the ice caps melting. I loved the drama of the dress, the texture the digitally designed amphibious skins produced, and the designer dystopia Mc Queen projected…

Giles Deacon- All Your Eggs

I loved the purity of this printed silk georgette 2016 gown, the juxtaposition of the elegant draped and pleated silk combined with the humble yet beautiful Arthur G. Butlers ” Birds Eggs of the British Isles (1904) print. Who knew there could be such beauty in an egg? Deacon named his design after Peter Carl Faberge, who created beautiful jewel encrusted Easter eggs for the Russian Imperial family. The design appealed to me, as it also links to my upcoming design summer project…

Jean Paul Gaultier- Cat Woman

To solve the great debate on animal fur in fashion Gaultier cleverly created this draped ” leopard skin”, crafted entirely from beads arranged to resemble leopards fur, this fur free gown took over 1000 hours to create. To the naked eye the dramatic gown could easily resemble a leopard drape, however closer to the surface bespoke handiwork is instead painstakingly displayed. I loved the illusion Gaultier has presented, perhaps to challenge lovers of real fur to rethink or alter their approach to their materials in a slighly more environment and animal friendly way…

Thankyou Phoebe X

First year of uni finished

So, I’m not going to lie first year of Uni has been an experience to say the least… There have been highs and there have been lows, I feel like I have grown as a person, made lifelong friends, and learnt how strong I can be. However with those benefits come downfalls, such as the tears, the intensity of my course and learning to manage that one struggle, the dreaded work life balance.

First year of fashion has happened fast. My course year is made up of a small group of girls, which really motivates us, as we have an excellent support network made up of tutors, technicians and the students in higher years, who all understand the intensity and emotions we may experience over our degree, making us a close knit team. With 4 intertwining modules running in both Semester A and B my timekeeping capabilities have certainly been stretched, however I have learnt that my strengths in the subject include fashion illustration and textile art, subjects I am keen to explore in the future as I have never really know what exact career I have wanted to pursue, however know the field certainly lies in fashion!

As well as realising my strengths over the past year, I have also accepted my weaknesses, and think that this is also down to the fact that I am growing older and becoming more accepting over myself. From a young age I have always set high standards and pressured myself to achieve, whilst putting  my mental and physical well-being on the backseat. This led to struggles and pain over my GCSE and A level examinations which have impacted my life and I still struggle with body image issues and anxiety to a minor extent,  this has been eased by the supportive unit I have surrounding me.However if this past year studying at University has taught me anything it is that I am strong and I can achieve what my mind sometimes  convinces me I cannot. There have been times over my Uni experience that I felt like I could not continue studying due to the fact that if I ever made a mistake over my work I would blame myself and automatically cry and feel upset and low, this particulary occurred during a technical module named “fashion elements”, where work submitted had to be of very high perfect standard a concept I struggled with and let my nerves interfere thus affecting my work. Coming from a textile/ art background I had limited experience when it came to commercial pattern making, so the module automatically terrified me!  I was stuck in a vicious circle of self loathing, however after seeking advice from my tutors, who weve very supportive and even allowed me to work on the domestic not industrial sewing machines until i gained more confidence, I decided to pursue my passion for fashion and am learning to have more faith and trust in myself, instead of crying and hating myself for the mistakes I make in class, I now laugh, as nobody is perfect, and I have realised my skill and passion lies in designing, not producing  sample perfect toiles. Hence the name Peculiar patterns!

I would say that a degree is a life lesson, you get to pursue your interests, meet and get to know amazing new people, and work on yourself at the same time, it’s a huge balancing act! However tough, I keep fighting and visualise my goals as the year has brought me exciting opportunities and experiences of which I wish to continue and create!

Thankyou Phoebe X


About me…

Hiya, I’m Phoebe, I’m 19 years old and have started this blog in order to reflect and share my experiences of studying fashion design at the University of Lincoln, of which I have just completed my first year! Fashion mad from birth, I am a self confessed shopoholic, and love to try out different styles regarding beauty and style looks. I would love to share my fashion findings, and project development with you, as well as my feelings and perceptions regarding the  uni rollercoaster ride I am riding.

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